Sunday Tunes: Jose Vanders' Man on Wire

"Would there be another list of 99 things that I missed, just because I had a fear of failing."

We all have regrets. The things we never got to do. Or the things that we never should have done in the first place. Sometimes we wish we have a time machine just to try fix every mistake we think have done in your life. To improve ourselves and be better versions of our present self. But we're stuck. Stuck with the decisions we've chosen, good or bad, that made us to who we are right now.

I'm Back!

I graduated a few months ago and freedom from school it's not fun at all. I've been bumming out all day and it is not doing anything good. It makes me lazier and more miserable (and probably crankier). And so I though I should try to be more productive (other than finding a job). I need to get the writing gears running again and do something with this blog. So yes, I'm back!

Will be posting new things soon and change a few minor things around the blog but for now, ciao!


There's this tiny bit inside me that wants to completely shutdown/delete/obliterate this blog. It's not because I have nothing to write. I have seven posts that are in need of writing and tweaking, no longer wanting to be categorized as Drafts. It's also not about school either though the stress of my last year in college will get the way of everything sooner or later. Maybe because it's laziness, or lack motivation, or maybe I have this big plan for this website. 

But for now, goodbye. I'll be back soon. I hope. Probably after I graduate where I could write about what it's like to have no job or finding one. 


Summer Goals

It's been a long time since I posted here. OJT, laziness, and some meaningless things got in the way of my posting. Or maybe it is my annual "Write a new blog post? That's a bother" thinking? Nonetheless, I'm kinda back. I'm officially on summer breal! Although I've been wasting time these couple of days, I decided to do some productive things in the coming days. And just so we are clear, when I say productive, I mean productive as in not just sitting around with my laptop surfing the net but sit around the television hahaha.

Finish all the TV series! I really don't know why I decided to put most of my TV series on hold and decided to start with a new one (Yeah Dharma and Greg!). I guess I wanted to focus on my Korean dramas and comedy series, and just marathon the heavy series so I could deal with all the emotions in one go. Which I realized is such a wrong idea. Sherlock S3 and Game of Thrones S4? Must I torture myself with all these feels? However there's also Pride and Prejudice (1995) series to comfort me hahaha (source)
Bring back the otaku. 2013 was kind a no anime year for me. My siblings had been  gushing over some of these series, and I would sit and just listen to them and it's becoming a bother. I missing fangirling over anime stuff! So on my to watch list this month are: Kimi no Todoke S1 and S2, Silver Spoon S1 and S2, Chihayafuru S1 and S2, Durarara!!, Kuroko no Basuke S2, Golden Time, Haikyu!!, and Mekakucity Actors. Woah, freaking too much!!! (source)
Check off some books on the list. This is gonna be another long list. I'm already reading The Princess Bride, my to read pile is growing, and I still want to buy more books before I leave. So on the list are: George R.R. Martin's A Dance with Dragons, David Levithan's The Lover's Dictionary, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Stories: All-New Tales (Various authors), Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns, and probably some other books that I might find.
Write, write, write! Write daily on my journal. Write blog posts and schedule them. Write articles for my org. Then hopefully start writing the first chapter to my new story. Hopefully (source)
Burn those calories to the max! I honestly don't know why, that even if my weight was one of my biggest (emotional) problems, I've never done anything to it. I know last Christmas break I was able to jog/walk 45-minutes daily for about, I don't know 8 days? But I stopped and continued eating. I really never learn my lesson. Curse my lack of motivation and determination. So right now, I'm starting again. I hope I could accomplish my goal this time.


Throwback: Saturday at Baguio

April 26, 2014. I really needed some time to cool off and forget the disappointing week I had. So when my mom asked me if could go to Baguio, I immediately jumped on board! What better way to de-stress than with some family/cousin bonding time, strawberry taho, and a chance to ride a bike after a very long time at cool and cold place. Of course our trip was the usual tourist trip. Explored Teacher’s Camp and got to see their sunflowers. We went to Burnham Park and rode bikes. Consumed 2 glasses of strawberry taho because I couldn't get enough of it. Got stuck in Mines View Park because of the heavy rain. Bought vegetables and food goodies at the wet market. It was kinda the same Baguio routine. The only thing new was Cordillera World, this mini museum/souvenir shop at Mine’s View featuring a lot of souvenirs, statues, wooden sculptures and a lot more. Definitely the highlight of the trip for me and a must visit if you're going to Baguio!

Now I miss the cold, the rain, and my jacket. Stuck again in the city where summer is never fun especially if you have OJT.


DIY Hand Painted Phone Cases

Ever since my sister, Erika, and I decided to open an online business, I've been pitching the idea of having hand painted phones cases on our product list. Unfortunately, our business is still under construction and possibly won't open until, I don't know, probably never. However, I still wanted to see what a hand painted phone case would look like. And well, having some mod podge and an extra phone case in hand, I just had to nag ask my sister to make one. Having an artist/painter sibling really have its perks. 
Here's what you'll need: 1. Plain phone case - even it's colored, it doesn't matter, 2. Brush/es, 3. Mod Podge, 4. White paint and other colors you want (acrylic paint is used in this case), 5. Some inspiration, 6. Sandpaper (optional)

First thing to do is the base color or what will act as our "canvas". Using the white paint and a brush, cover the entire case with a few coats. Let it dry overnight. Once it's dry you can either use a sandpaper to smoothen the case or leave it as is to give it some texture. The next step is to start the actual design. Look for patterns, designs, or inspiration you could incorporate in the case. For this DIY, I asked my sister to recreate her red, white, black abstract. You could use different brushes, your fingers (finger painted phone cases!), or whatever you think will help you achieve the design you want. Let it dry. The last step is to brush on some mod podge. This will "seal in" the design and will give it a nice polish look. And voila, you're done! 

Beginnings and Breakfast

It summer break - the call for a new post, the beginning of lazy days, and the beginning of making tough decisions.  So I guess it’s time to start again with this blog. How long have I let this blog rot into inexistence? Probably long enough to the point that I try to be all sophisticated. To the point that I forgot I’m actually making a post about beginnings and breakfast which I now see has no connection at all. But that is not stopping me. I feel the need to write something senseless. . .something about breakfast. Clearly I just need an excuse to write. 

So let me start again. . . uhm. . . beginnings. Every day is a new beginning of a new blank page. A blank page that needs to be first stained with coffee, egg yolks, butter, jam, vinegar, or whatever you are having for breakfast. So yes I'm one of those people who believe in breakfast. The need to eat something before facing the crap of the world behind the walls of my house. The extra push I need to get me through the day. 
Banana Yakult (Buttermilk) Pancakes made from scratch, Spam Bacon, and Poached Eggs
I feel today is the beginning of when I'll see the results (or probably consequences) of my decisions these past few weeks. Life is either gonna be crappier or happier or something in between. But whatever happens, I need a decent breakfast to get through this.