DIY Hand Painted Phone Cases

Ever since my sister, Erika, and I decided to open an online business, I've been pitching the idea of having hand painted phones cases on our product list. Unfortunately, our business is still under construction and possibly won't open until, I don't know, probably never. However, I still wanted to see what a hand painted phone case would look like. And well, having some mod podge and an extra phone case in hand, I just had to nag ask my sister to make one. Having an artist/painter sibling really have its perks. 
Here's what you'll need: 1. Plain phone case - even it's colored, it doesn't matter, 2. Brush/es, 3. Mod Podge, 4. White paint and other colors you want (acrylic paint is used in this case), 5. Some inspiration, 6. Sandpaper (optional)

First thing to do is the base color or what will act as our "canvas". Using the white paint and a brush, cover the entire case with a few coats. Let it dry overnight. Once it's dry you can either use a sandpaper to smoothen the case or leave it as is to give it some texture. The next step is to start the actual design. Look for patterns, designs, or inspiration you could incorporate in the case. For this DIY, I asked my sister to recreate her red, white, black abstract. You could use different brushes, your fingers (finger painted phone cases!), or whatever you think will help you achieve the design you want. Let it dry. The last step is to brush on some mod podge. This will "seal in" the design and will give it a nice polish look. And voila, you're done! 

Beginnings and Breakfast

It summer break - the call for a new post, the beginning of lazy days, and the beginning of making tough decisions.  So I guess it’s time to start again with this blog. How long have I let this blog rot into inexistence? Probably long enough to the point that I try to be all sophisticated. To the point that I forgot I’m actually making a post about beginnings and breakfast which I now see has no connection at all. But that is not stopping me. I feel the need to write something senseless. . .something about breakfast. Clearly I just need an excuse to write. 

So let me start again. . . uhm. . . beginnings. Every day is a new beginning of a new blank page. A blank page that needs to be first stained with coffee, egg yolks, butter, jam, vinegar, or whatever you are having for breakfast. So yes I'm one of those people who believe in breakfast. The need to eat something before facing the crap of the world behind the walls of my house. The extra push I need to get me through the day. 
Banana Yakult (Buttermilk) Pancakes made from scratch, Spam Bacon, and Poached Eggs
I feel today is the beginning of when I'll see the results (or probably consequences) of my decisions these past few weeks. Life is either gonna be crappier or happier or something in between. But whatever happens, I need a decent breakfast to get through this. 


Sunday Tunes: Mikky Ekko's Stay (Original Demo)

On today Sunday Tunes, I was suppose to feature a song from a new band that I love. The post was ready to be written and scheduled for today but I discovered something even better, grander! It was big coincidence actually. Yesterday, I heard someone singing Rihanna's Stay and the song was stuck in head all afternoon. It wasn't the first time that I heard it. My friend, Andy, introduced me to the song last year and pretty much it became the only Rihanna song that I really love. But what I really stood out for me was Mikky Ekko, the other voice you hear in Stay. I became an instant fan. I listened to more of his songs namely Kids, Pull Me Down, and Who Are You, Really?, and feel even more in love. Yet, I wanted to hear his own version of Stay. I only saw a video of him singing it live but no, that was not enough. Hearing Stay again yesterday after such long time, I wanted to listen to his own version even more. I was about to tweet about it when I stumbled upon his Facebook page and apparently he already released one a month ago. And well, I just started screaming (thank god I was alone in the house). 

I love it. I've been waiting for this since forever and I'm totally in love with it.  

♪ ♫

A quick trip around Manila

It was February 13 and I was freaking out. Not because I didn't have a date on Valentine's Day (as if!) nor it was because I was looking for a present for my imaginary boyfriend. I was actually busy looking at google maps of Manila. My friends and I had to go to different places in the city to take some photos for our Photo Journ class, and well the three of us knew nothing (insert Jon Snow gif here) about going around Manila. I was afraid that we'll get lost and be late for our afternoon class. Fortunately, nothing bad happened! All was well. I finally visited Escolta Street, home of 98B, the monthly Future Market where they sell vintage and handmade stuff though I didn't know where their building was (bummer). Got to go to Fort Santiago after nearly a decade (that wedding reception didn't count). And well, classes were cancelled. HA!


Cupcake Baking Addiction: Time for chocolate!

When I first decided to bake, the word cupcakes popped into my head. You’d think seeing my mom and my sister make cookies mostly  would influence me but no. The whole baking cookies process scared me. How would I know if they’re cooked? You can’t stick a toothpick in one, can you? It relies on time, sight, and gut feeling. And you can’t trust those things with me. My eyes and feelings just can’t be relied upon. Cakes, though you can prick it, were another thing.  I might as well ruin a couple of cupcakes than one big cake that will probably go to waste and in the dumpster. I can’t risk that consequence. So, cupcakes it was!
The first time I baked own my own, they turned out good and a bit better than I expected. I wanted to make some more and decided to bake some for my friends. It was really getting addictive. If we had more cupcake liners in our baking cabinet, I might whip up a batch every time I go home on the weekends. However last Saturday, I couldn't take it any longer. I had been dying to make some chocolate cupcakes and the fact that we didn't have cupcake liners wasn't stopping me (hello DIY cupcake liners).
I found this super easy chocolate cupcake recipe from Simply Recipes (what a coincidence). It had no eggs, no milk, and no butter in the batter (Vegetarian cupcakes! How crazy is that?) but it tasted so delicious and was absolutely moist! I would have wanted more chocolate in it but the yummy frosting made up for that.
However I’m still not satisfied. I’m still looking for that recipe that will make me 100% happy. Well, better make some of Sally’s Death by Chocolate Cupcakes next :) 

Back from the [blogging] dead

Finally! My blogging mojo is back! Working on a  few things for Simply Average like a new layout and more [scheduled] posts (hooray!). No giveaways as of this moment since I'm saving for my future (hahaha) but if there was, it could be something about books. Hopefully I could keep the blogging gears running until school ends while balancing laziness, school, and procrastination.

Back in Time: Film Camera

When I was finally a third year college student, it meant only one thing for me - Photo Journalism class was here! It was that one subject that I've been waiting since freshmen year since it meant that I could finally get my hands on the DSLR I had been wanting. Unfortunately, my professor had other plans. We were going back to the basic old times before getting all digital. 

The arrival of my Minolta XG-M meant that I wouldn’t get a DSLR any time soon (probably until I graduate). I could have just said no and let my other friends buy one of their own or borrow from others. But no, I decided to choose film for personal reasons. Of course I’m still dreaming of having that Nikon 3100, like right now but I’m happy with my Minolta. It (with my professor’s help) taught me a lot of knowing the right aperture to use, setting the right shutter speed, and the most important thing: getting the right shot without knowing what it will look like after you press the shutter button. 

However I’m still not there yet. My focus isn't the great. My composition still sucks whether I’m using a film camera or not. But hey, practice makes perfect, right?