Christmas Wishlist: Material Girl

filed's 2013 Doodle Planner
My mom had once given my a planner but I got bored. Maybe writing on a business planner wasn't my thing. Then my friend, Andy, brought her Smiggle Diary, and everything changed! Unfortunately Smiggle is not available in the Philippines. However, I found an alternative. . . filed! 

Victoria Secret's Bombshell body mist
 When my parents went to California, they brought this small set of Victoria Secret perfumes back. The bombshell one smelled so sweet, I can't believe I can actually stand it. Perfumes usually make me sick and cough, and so I stay away from them. But this. . . heaven ♥
Polaroid Rainbow Picnic
I suddenly developed a love for polaroids! However I prefer the Polaroid ones rather than the Instax. Polaroid has this vintage and retro feel. I can't help but go gaga.

Samsung Galaxy S III
I've been complaining about my current phone far too long but all I can do is dream. 

Ettika's Pretty Please Stack
And so my obsession with bracelets continues. I still prefer the stacks and bangles over the single ones. 

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