Valentine's Day Treats: A twist to your fried oreos

Sweets and Valentine's Day are a match in heaven. Well, everyday is awesome with some chocolates added to the mix. So that's why, my sister and I decided to make some fried cream-o's today to celebrate Heart's Day. This recipe has little twist to your average wicked/fried oreos.
My sister substituted water with milk  to make the batter creamier, we used cream-o to add some Filipino twist to the recipe and added some red food color just to get into the day's mood.. 
Just follow the steps on the hotcake mix box and add a little food color (if you want it to be darker, just add a few more drops) to the batter. Deep the cream-o into the batter and coat them entirely. My sister and I cooked them on a pan (just like pancakes) except there was more oil but if you want you can use a deep fryer. They easily cook so you gotta flip them fast and removed them from the pan to avoid burning the cookie. 

Enjoy these pink fried cream-o's!

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