Final Week: Study Time

It's the final week of school which means only one thing: final exams. Studying is not something I do occasionally or something I'm good at. I usually, okay, almost do it every time the exams are the next day. In high school I was worse, I studied a few hours before the exams or usually not all. I was a semi-bad, semi-good student but for some reason I passed and graduated. However now that I'm college especially in my second year, I'm proud to say my study habits are improving, hooray! It's probably because of my parents implied dreams for me but well the results are getting better all thanks to these few things (these are not tips, or is it?)
I don't listen to my favorite music when I study. No Ed Sheeran, Alex Clare, or Dashboard Confession. They distract me easily and I end up hearing the lyrics in my mind or singing along to them. Instead, I listen to Smooth Jazz on, classical songs, Mae's Seasons (I love instrumentals) or I tune in to Crossover FM. 
My vision is not good so I have glasses. I kinda hate wearing them, so I don't usually use them. The only time I wear my glasses is when I watched movies, do series marathon (to get better look at Gabriel Macht), attend seminars, edit videos, looked at powerpoints or when I study. Clearer text means cleared mind! 
Aside from my study materials, I need my pens and highlighter. Black ones for rewriting notes, blue ones for   corrections, adding annotations and underlining important things, and a yellow-green highlighter for all those important stuff that need to be, well, highlighted. This is probably the reason why I'm improving. I never did this when I was in high school so probably.

What about you? What are the things you do or the things you need when you study? 

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