Handcrafted Goodies

My journey for some decorated tapes and a custom plushy keychain for my Christmas gifts had led me to an addiction for handcrafted things and materials. Washi tapes, felt products, baker’s twine – you name it and I want it. I could and have spent all night liking online stores on Facebook and browsing Multiply for some handcrafted goods and just admire them. Of course money was my number one problem. So imagine how happy I was when I stumbled upon Hodge Podge, an online store that sells necklaces and key chains made from metal bottle caps, anniversary giveaway! They have teamed with two other online stores: Felt Itwho sells cute felt products, and The Lemon Wharfwho sells handmade bracelets and customize magnets.

The little giveaway addict in me just couldn't resist an opportunity, so I joined and prayed for some luck. 

And well, luck was with me. I won! Well, I’m one of the winners to be specific. I got to have these amazing set of prizes from these wonderful stores
Look how cute they are! A Captain America necklace, a pokeball keychain and a penguin I.D buddy. Who knew you could create such adorable things from metal bottlecaps? You guys definitely have to check Hodge Podge. They just released their new collection, teaming up with the owner of H.E.A.R.T, Abbey.
These magnets have already found a place in our home. You just can’t wrong with some inspirational quotes and amazing typography stuck on your fridge! It’s usually the first thing you go when you’re sad or stressed. Something to relieve you from all that from these magnets. If typography is not your thing, Lemon Wharf also transforms your pictures, whether from instagram or not, into magnets. Not only that, they also sell these adorable handcrafted bracelets.
What’s cuter than this penguin pouch from Felt It? The blue polka dot lining inside. Or probably those felt sushi I once saw on their Facebook. Or probably. . . heck, all their products are cute! You can visit their Facebook page and be amaze on the things they can do with felt cloth. Who knew you can do so plenty?

Facebook and Multiply are filled with stores that sell handcraft goodies and crafting materials that just bring the crafty person in you.  Made with love, determination, and creativity, you simply can’t ignore these. Just browse to the stores I have mentioned above. Or check out Hey Kessy for some washi tapes, H.E.A.R.T for hand-painted tote bags, or Design for Artisan for some paper goods, pretty soon you’ll get hooked just like I did.
  1. Thank you for your kind words, Joan! And thank you for being a lover and supporter of handmade! :) -- Celina of Felt It

    1. Thanks Celina! I will be ordering some of your cool key chains soon :3

  2. Many thanks from the Lemon Wharf as well! Hope your blog will keep infecting its readers of the handmade/crafting bug :)

  3. This post just gave me the idea of making handcrafted goodies for people as birthday gifts!


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