Liebster Award iii, more questions ahead!

I don't know if I could handle another round of 11 questions *laughs* But this an exemption because Jem of The Jem Diaries has nominated me! You might be wondering who's this person and what's so special about her, so let's introduce the person behind the nomination. I got to know Jem because she was one of my first clients when I started The Template Shop which is a pretty big deal. I'm really thankful she trusted my abilities to do her header and buttons for her blog. Thanks Jem! 

What are the top three things on your bucket list?
Not a big fan of bucket lists but if I have to list down a few things that I really want to do: 1. ride a roller coaster (done!), 2. get a job, 3. make an amazing video using only my videos and probably my own music *grins*

What is your biggest fear? Have you tried conquering it?
I really have an issue with death. I don't like discussing it and I sometimes can't sleep if I think about it too much. Never tried to conquer it because I just end up being too paranoid. I guess I just want to do a lot of things and I just don't want my life to end until I finished them all. 

What words do you live by?
"Family comes first". I even have plans on getting it tattooed on my ring finger but my parents would kill me if I did. My dad even volunteered to remove my skin if he saw a tattoo. They're all jokes but I can't bear to see my parents "disappointed" face

What's your ultimate favorite song?
I can't say it's my ultimate favorite since I always have trouble picking one however I would go with John Rzeznik's I'm Still Here. Every time people ask me what's my favorite song I always say this. I could relate to it in so many different levels. It describes my life. It encourages me to love myself. Basically it's my song.

What's your guilty pleasure?
Candy Crush! Stuck in level 70 something and it's killing me so much. I try not use the cheat but ugh, I can't stop until I clear all the jelly. And like what my sister said, "I never felt so betrayed by chocolate" .

What's your favorite food? Do you know how to cook/prepare it?
I love spaghetti especially my mom's and the one this carinderia in the market serves! Ever since I was kid, it's the first thing I would order every time we eat lunch outside. And yes, I made sure I can cook my favorite dish. I can still remember cooking some years ago at around five AM after the misa de galo. I couldn't sleep. I was hungry. I wanted some breakfast

What's your favorite photo editing app?
For my phone? Little Photo. It's not Instagram but yes it's better! It adds some pretty amazing effects and you could mix them, change the opacity, and do so much more. I just wish they have a share option and it would beat Instagram! Here are some of the photos I edited with it.

What do you do when you have writer's block?
Complain about it. Surf the web. Read a book. I do everything except write. 

Who are you crushing on?
Can I answer this without revealing his identity? Let's just say he's so unreachable and I'm trying my best to forget him. I even made a playlist about him (that was a first). This is giving me so many emotions. 

Where do you want to live?
I really want to live here in the Philippines. Probably in my province or somewhere quiet but not faraway from the city life. I do love foreign countries but I prefer to visit them than live there. 

What do you want to happen in our world?
Can we all just get along? 
  1. This is too sweet Joan, you've called me special :) Thanks for answering my questions. Anyway, good luck on life!

    Jem (my main blog now)


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