The baking addiction continues

My sister Erika is this close to worshiping Sally of Sally's Baking Addiction. Sally's recipes are the whole reason why she's becoming a baking whiz in the kitchen. Her sketchbook (pictured above) is becoming part baking recipes, part watercolor paintings.

Last time we made some red velvet cheesecake swirl browniesthis time Erika (so not used to calling my sister with her first name only hahaha) made some inside out chocolate chip cookies m&m cookies.
They're super addictive! Every bite is chocolate heaven. The frustrating part is that we finished eating all of them. The entire family is already craving for some. If only my sister isn't busy with her work, I would beg her to bake some more! 

For now, I'm stuck with Starbucks' Hot Cocoa Powder.

  1. Hey your blog is simply more than average. It was nice to drop by your blog..

    1. I feel this is a compliment hahaha but there's a small explanation behind the name, I might blog about it someday. Anyway, thanks for dropping by :)


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