Escaping reality: Five More Minutes

"If I become too emotional, I sleep. The feeling fades and then life goes back to normal. I have escape through sleep."
For the whole month of August, all I could think about (aside from exams and my friend's 18th birthday) was this project for my Art Appreciation class. Our professor asked us to show a personal issue done in art form. It could be a painting, a sculpture, or a performance art. In my case, I chose video. Creating the whole concept (my first idea was rejected), making it into a reality, and the paperwork required was one hell of a ride. The last two weeks of August was one busy day after another! I thought I wouldn't able to do it but here it is, real and finished.

The over two-minute video still makes me cringe. It looks simple and light. Short and lacking. Some might even interpret it differently.  Yet whenever I see it, the fact that I was able to create something like this, from creating the setting to the tiny props, tells me that I'm going somewhere which is the total opposite of what my project was actually about.

Oh well.

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