The red velvet madness

When I first heard about red velvet I thought it was chocolate with red food color in it. It all sounded simple so I was wondering what was all the fuss surrounding it. I know chocolate can taste heavenly but seriously? Did the red color change the flavor or did it just made it look even more delicious? It all became too confusing when watching cake shows of people wanting both chocolate and red velvet flavors, and becoming slightly addicted to the show Cupcake Wars. Why want the same flavor on your cake? Why does Florian hate it so much but loves chocolate? There has got to be a difference between chocolate and red velvet. And well, there is. Turns out red velvet has less cocoa in it, ranging from a couple of tablespoons to less than a cup, and buttermilk that gives the cake a slight tangy flavor.
With my mind finally at ease with the whole red velvet confusion and my siblings getting baking bug, I finally decided to do some real baking last December. It was the perfect time. Christmas was just around the corner. I was broke and didn't know what to give to my family and I wanted to give something special. What better than to do something from scratch! So I searched for recipes for some red velvet cupcakes and marshmallow fondant to give my cakes an extra umph.
The first thing I did was the marshmallow fondant (recipe from Bake Happy). The number of ingredients may make it look easy but getting to the "fondant" stage is difficult. All that kneading, crisco, powdered sugar, and sticky marshmallow can get  pretty messy. It took me probably an hour or more to finish everything but it was all worth it. Adding food color and shaping them was a different story - less messy, easier, and more fun! My siblings, cousin, and I acted as if we were playing with play dough, making some pretty cute Christmas stuff. 
Baking the cupcakes was slightly scary. I wanted it to be perfect so I carefully read the recipe I found on multiple times even while I was baking to make sure what I was doing right. Placing them on the oven was scarier. I occasionally check the clock, check on the cakes using a toothpick, and was being paranoid that it would be burnt. Luckily  the cakes turned out better that I expected! My family was pretty much happy with my present.
I made these babies twice already but I'm still pretty scared about the whole baking process. Yet I'm excited in trying other recipes. Chocolate cupcakes, you're next!

  1. Hi joan! baking is one of my hobbies and I made red velvet cupcakes for my friends last Christmas too! It was my first time to make red velvet cupcakes and I did not want to mess them up! I wish I had the time to make marshmallow fondant though. Next time, next time ;)


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