Cupcake Baking Addiction: Time for chocolate!

When I first decided to bake, the word cupcakes popped into my head. You’d think seeing my mom and my sister make cookies mostly  would influence me but no. The whole baking cookies process scared me. How would I know if they’re cooked? You can’t stick a toothpick in one, can you? It relies on time, sight, and gut feeling. And you can’t trust those things with me. My eyes and feelings just can’t be relied upon. Cakes, though you can prick it, were another thing.  I might as well ruin a couple of cupcakes than one big cake that will probably go to waste and in the dumpster. I can’t risk that consequence. So, cupcakes it was!
The first time I baked own my own, they turned out good and a bit better than I expected. I wanted to make some more and decided to bake some for my friends. It was really getting addictive. If we had more cupcake liners in our baking cabinet, I might whip up a batch every time I go home on the weekends. However last Saturday, I couldn't take it any longer. I had been dying to make some chocolate cupcakes and the fact that we didn't have cupcake liners wasn't stopping me (hello DIY cupcake liners).
I found this super easy chocolate cupcake recipe from Simply Recipes (what a coincidence). It had no eggs, no milk, and no butter in the batter (Vegetarian cupcakes! How crazy is that?) but it tasted so delicious and was absolutely moist! I would have wanted more chocolate in it but the yummy frosting made up for that.
However I’m still not satisfied. I’m still looking for that recipe that will make me 100% happy. Well, better make some of Sally’s Death by Chocolate Cupcakes next :) 

  1. what a great recipe! Thx for the tip on the cupcake liners - so smart!

    1. You're welcome. I saw other people using parchment paper instead wax paper :)


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