Sunday Tunes: Mikky Ekko's Stay (Original Demo)

On today Sunday Tunes, I was suppose to feature a song from a new band that I love. The post was ready to be written and scheduled for today but I discovered something even better, grander! It was big coincidence actually. Yesterday, I heard someone singing Rihanna's Stay and the song was stuck in head all afternoon. It wasn't the first time that I heard it. My friend, Andy, introduced me to the song last year and pretty much it became the only Rihanna song that I really love. But what I really stood out for me was Mikky Ekko, the other voice you hear in Stay. I became an instant fan. I listened to more of his songs namely Kids, Pull Me Down, and Who Are You, Really?, and feel even more in love. Yet, I wanted to hear his own version of Stay. I only saw a video of him singing it live but no, that was not enough. Hearing Stay again yesterday after such long time, I wanted to listen to his own version even more. I was about to tweet about it when I stumbled upon his Facebook page and apparently he already released one a month ago. And well, I just started screaming (thank god I was alone in the house). 

I love it. I've been waiting for this since forever and I'm totally in love with it.  

♪ ♫

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